It allows you to disable the access of tools and applications that prevent you from using them if you have a jailbreak
Also, you can hide the jailbreak from applications and games instead of disabling them

Explain the use Tweaks Manager

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It was developed by Azozz ALFiras

This tool is free and not licensed for sale
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If you are experiencing a problem with the settings, you should follow the following method
"There was an error loading the preference bundle"

Download this tool from this official source

1- AppList
2- PreferenceLoader
3- Cephei
4- RocketBootstrap
5- libSparkAppList

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LockApps> 1.99$

What's? LockApps

It allows you to lock your apps, games, and all the applications your device contains in locking them with face id and touch id and password
When you click on the application, the touch if or face id will be requested to verify it, after which the application will be opened
You can create a password in the event that the Face id and Touch id are not verified, and the applications are also opened by the password that was created.
Support unlock by Siri, Search and Home Screen

Version History Version History
  • add the azflibrary
Version 1.2-3
Updated March 5, 2020
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 10 - Later

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