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Cygnus has many unique features like, the ability to add widgets, change the order of the widgets, customize said widgets, change colors of all the widgets, change the font of them, and many more.
Cygnus also has a fuzzy search app drawer, which in a less tech savvy way of saying it, you can't have very bad grammar and it'll still find the app you were searching for just fine. It is more sophisticated than Apple's own as they hardly even have one to begin with.
Cygnus's settings are also made to be very easy to navigate and be as non confusing as possible, as it's supposed to have a layout that's very natural.
Cygnus does not yet have iPad support however this is planned to be added later down the line.


  1. Install Cygnus (This will auto install the latest XenHTML, version 2.0 and up is needed)
  2. Preferably move icons away from the first page
    1. It is recommended to use the first page as doing so will let you have no icons on the page, as you can't do it many other ways, however I bet there's a way! (Giving an app an invisible icon etc)
    2. When the first page has no icons it doesn't disappear unlike other pages, this is also why we use it.
  3. Go into edit mode/wiggle mode
  4. Click add widget while on the page
  5. Click "Cygnus" configure it and click "Done"

If you wanna edit the settings later on you go into wiggle/edit mode again and click "Settings" and you can change things again!

Feature requests, bugs or questions

Either message me through my email ( or through my Twitter (@0neGal) you're very welcome to initiate a DM, or send me an email, I'll read through it consider your idea, try to solve the bug or help out with your question.

Version History Version History
  • Fixed depedency issue with XenHTML
Version 1.1.1
Updated April 12, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11.0 - 14.3