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You data is most likely not 100% secure!
And same goes if your downloading it for free... Unless you got it through giveaway or similar!

What is nesPlayer?

nesPlayer is an NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) inspired media player/controller to play pause and change songs with...

Can you customize it?

Sure you can! There are options for:

  • Changing Icon and text colors (Seperate options)
  • Changing widget width and overall size (Seperate options)
  • Whether you want the text to show the artist, song or both or disable them all
  • Text size
  • Add "NOT PLAYING" text when no music is on...
  • Add a small box to the widget
  • Add shadow to the box, text and icons (All seperate options) ((The shadow can be changed by the user to a different color, amount of blur and position))
  • Change the color that the box is
  • Margin between the icons
  • Option to only show when playing music/audio


notdanieldev: Helped with the icons
Me (0neGuyDev): Coded and designed the widget

  • Fixes a little oopsie doopsie...
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UpdatedJanuary 20, 2019
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