If your not downloading this package from your taking the risk...

You data is most likely not 100% secure!


Remember to have the google app (As said below) and also always have legacy mode on!

Whats this?

OpenGoog is a simple widget just to open the Google App, yes you might know i made a widget called "Piksel Launcher"
But because of limitations there were too many bugs, so i decided to make this instead...


OpenGoog has the option to change the width of the widget default being 100px...'


groovyAPI, you can't install officially without it being installed... you can find a deb file or on modmyi.
And of course the Google App from the App Store!

No permission error and how to fix

This shouldn't be happening but in case it does happen the fix is easy...
Navigate to /var/mobile/Library/SBHTML/ then do the following steps:

  • Click the (i) icon for the folder named OpenGoog
  • Set the owner to mobile
  • Group to wheel
  • Now below ownership theres a tab named access permissions
  • Your gonna give them all Read, Write, Execute

If this does not fix the issue please report it to me on twitter or by mail

  • Fixed the dependency from om.groovycarrot.groovyapi to com.groovycarrot.groovyapi. Should be installable now!
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