Purchase - $1.00

I downloaded it for free? now it costs?

This was a mistake, the 41 people who downloaded it for free will be keeping the theme... Sorry :/ supposed to cost 1$


Is a gradient theme with shadows, and look awesome of course
Currently with 80+ unique icons


Message me on twitter, or send it to my mail...

Icon requests?

Again message me with the icon name and bundle id, find the id here: https://offcornerdev.com/bundleid.html
Or send it to my mail...

Soon to come!

- Icons for settings
- Icons for the status bar

  • 10+ icons are added, i didn't have very much time lately next update will hopefully have more remember to submit to my mail or twitter :)
  • Added a little bit more detail to Phone and iMessage app
  • Fixed FaceTime icon not being themed
  • Fixed Wallet icon not being themed
  • Fixed Health icon not being themed
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UpdatedAugust 19, 2018
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