Bubble Apps - Your favorite apps, wherever you want them, whenever you choose.

Your favorite apps - click of a button away!
Please read below options carefully, there are a lot of them (and will add more later on!)
You need to have libcolorpicker v1.6.8 from bigboss if you have any dependency problem!
Compatible with iOS 11 - 13.5
With Bubble Apps you can:

  • Create Any app shortcut on your screen (including Siri with a touch of a button)
  • Drag and place them on-the-fly whenever you choose
  • APP Badges are now included!
  • Choose between various of in-app options (Long-press on a bubble):
    • Hide NOW - will hide all your bubbles from the current app, until you respring
    • Lock Bubble Apps - Will lock your bubbles this way you will not be able to drag them anywhere until unlocked. this will cancel auto-position when rotating your device. Once disabled, your bubbles will go up a bit when rotated in order to try and minimize user-errors when dragging apps from the bottm on iphone X and later (or whoever has little11)
    • Add current app to blacklist - add your current launched app to your blacklist. this option will hide your bubbles from the current launched app until you remove them the app from your settings (Hide in specific apps)
    • Save current position - will save the current position of your bubbles so you wont have to re-arrange them everytime you respring/rejailbreak
    • Aligning options - still WIP, but it will align your bubbles according to the button you pressed, (horizontal or vertical)

  • Options to configure:
    • A new icon will be added to your settings app, and it will include the following options:
      • Tweak enabled/disabled
      • Bubble Apps - Choose the apps you want to see
      • Style your bubbles (Round icons, Frame color, dim behavior)
      • Use only in lockscreen
      • Hide in apps you choose
      • Show LIVE updated badges
      • Stick to sides - EXPERIMENTAL feature, still working on it. it will stick your bubbles once you stopped the dragging options to the boundaries of your screen
    • Orientation is supported!

A lot more surprises coming soon ;)

Version History Version History
  • Fix badges text not showing for RTL languages (e.g Hebrew, Arabic)
  • Added the option to choose the Bubble size
  • Made the text inside the badges slightly larger, Will make this controllable in the future
  • After this update, bubbles wont show up in Glow tweak (by limneos) and also will be under any UIAlert
Version 2.1
Updated June 24, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11.0 - 13.5

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