LS Contacts
LS Contacts tweak will add a horizontal scrolling bar with your selected favorite contacts in your lockscreen/Notification Center!
What you can do with those contacts?
- Call them
And with Long press gesture you can:

  • Send them A Message using WhatsApp
  • Call them via WhatsApp
  • Send them A Regular text message
  • Call them using FaceTime
  • Email them (if email address is defined)
  • ..and also see their birthday! (if defined)

LS Contacts has a lot of options to configure and a lot more to come, currently the options are:
Banner options:

  • Choose between 2 existing view styles! (and more to come!)
  1. Always On Top - configure the LS Contacts view above every other UI aspect (such as media player) if disabled - it will go down in your notification stack (if you have something more important to see above it for example)
  2. Page Contacts - A different feeling when scrolling between your added contacts, it will not be free scrolling as the default option offers, it will divide your contacts into pages
  3. Ask Before Calling - will present a confirmation dialog before you call your contact (so you wont mistakenly call anyone)
  4. Dark mode - dark mode style your view! (currently applicable only to stackview style)
  5. Main View Transparency - You decide how transparent your view that holds your contacts will look like!

Title options:

  • Title can be removed by setting it's alpha to 0 in the colorpicker or leaving the text field empty
  1. Position - set your title position (Left,Middle,Right)
  2. Text - You decide what your title will say ("My most favorite people", for example)
  3. Choose title font - choose the style font for your title

Menu options:
You can choose what you want to see in the long-press menu!
Add contacts:

  • This is where you add/remove contacts from your list

Restore to default & Respring:

  • Will delete all your tweak preferences & Respring

Few important notes:

  • Since WhatsApp limitation in theirs API, in order to have WhatsApp to send a message successfully you will need to add country prefix BEFORE you add your contact to the tweak list (for example, if your contact phone number is 054xxxxxx you will need to add your country code before the number)
  • Every time you make a change with your contact's info, you should re-add it to the list of the tweak, contacts are being saved ONLY when added to the list and does not refresh in real time (to save battery consumption)

This Tweak WILL support iOS 14 as soon as I will get a jailbroken iOS 14 device (it was not tested on iOS 14 yet)
Future update will include hiding the whole banner with your contact!
Requires: iOS 13.0+
Dependencies: libcolorpicker

Version History Version History
  • Added Single Tap Action - Now you can choose what will happen when you single press a contact with various of options!
  • Added Whatsapp Call with English Siri support
  • Re-written preferences from SCRATCH for more user-friendly menus
  • Added the birthday indicator! will let you know with a little indicator around your contact in the day he has a birthday
Version 2.0
Updated October 24, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 13.0 - 13.7

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