WA Muted Badges
This tweak will show your messages count on your WhatsApp icon badge even if you get messages from muted conversations.
How this tweak works?
For example: You set group x as muted. you leave WhatsApp with 0 messages count, as soon as you have new message, you won't get an alert with the new message (regular WhatsApp behavior), only your icon badge will count the number of last messages you missed since you was actively inside WhatsApp (what the tweak does). the badge will disappear (and sets as 0 obviously) every time you get actively inside WhatsApp.
Tested on iOS 13, but should work on any version
Support latest version of WhatsApp (2.21.190) but if that breaks, let me know!
For Support - reach me out on Twitter
This tweak made open-source. view code here: GitHub
No option to configure (GitHub version has preferences - to ignore certain chat deb file - v1.1.1)

Version History Version History
  • Support for WhatsApp version - 2.21.190
Version 1.1.0
Updated November 12, 2021
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 13.0 - 13.7