Theming was always an obsession to me. Redesigning icons and applying a new and unique style in order to get a harmonious theme make me feel so good.
Coming from Elusive & Lucent and now it's time to reveal my next theme project called Horias! 

  • The story behind

Horias is a colorful theme inspired by 3D world design. Based on a good inner shadows manipulation and the first time you look at the Glyph's you feel like that they've dimensions. Adding a shadow also helped to separate the glyph itself from the background. it was a big challenge to make icons with dimensions using only sketch software. The main mission was to make harmonious icons with a unique style and appealing glyphs that are carefully designed from scratch.

  • Horias theme

Charming, elegant & excessively becoming designed carefully from scratch in order to make a modern theme which is very attractive and eye-pleasing. Horias theme was originally built based on very advanced graphic design techniques that allowed it to have a very exciting look. The bg of each icon is enclosed with brilliant and vibrant gradient color which allows each glyph to appear in a beautiful shape.

  • What is inside the box:

Horias themes come mainly with two variants the normal mode one which contains:

  • More than 300 icons designed from scratch “310”
  • More than 100 Alternative icons “101” 
  • Personalized settings icons that match the theme as well
  • Stunning badges
  • masks 
  • Stunning wallpapers

 And the small glyph’s mode which contains the same characteristics go the normal mode, the only difference is the dimensions of the glyphs inside the icons, giving the user the freedom of choosing the size that suits his setup better. The small glyph’s one is not just a variant designed easily on the contrary it took me time to find the write settings to keep the same look as the normal version mode.

  • Regarding Horias updates:

Updates are the key to ensure the continuity of any project that’s why Horias will be massively focused on updates. for each update not only a bunch of icons will be added the focus will also includes enhancing icons quality, fixing bundles errors and adding more ALTS, and especially adding new stunning wallpapers that match the theme concept.

  • Regarding icons request:

Each Horias user have the right to see most of his icons themed that’s why Horias is open to accepting requests but with some specified conditions which are mentioned below
* You’re up to 10 requests 
* Requests must be sent to this mail:
* You’ve to provide proof of purchase (transaction/email screenshot is enough)
* The icon request format should be like this form : (app name - bundle ID) example: Camera -
* You can get the app's bundleID here or by downloading Bundley or bundleXII 
Important notes:
* Paypalme if you wish to help supporting Horias updates this would be highly appreciated.
* Once you purchase Horias all future updates are free.
* Horias will get updates every 1-2 weeks containing at least 100 icons from your requests and slight enhancement for some existing icons.
* You can always follow [my updates on twitter]
* Horias is available on Snowboard, Anemone & iThemer.
* Refunds will be declined after one day of use. Rude refund requests will be automatically rejected.
What i promise:
Through my recent project, i kept a good relationship with all my themes users i tried to reply at times and help them to install and use my themes correctly without facing any troubles so what i promise for horias project:

  • Regular updates 
  • Perform multiple giveaways
  • Offer discounts
  • Keep a good relation with my clients
  • Updates are free the moment you install the theme


  • Themeing community that always loves to see creative work.
  • To the testers who worked a lot in order to improve horias and make it in a good shape.

Version History Version History
  • +50 New icons for the normal version
  • +50 New icons for the small-glyph's version
  • +2 ALT icons
Version 1.5
Updated January 16, 2022
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 7.x - 14,x