Find Your Repos!

RepoFinder is an app here to bring you a seamless way to add all of your favorite repositories right into the package manager of your choice.

With RepoFinder you can...

  • Discover new repos that you may have never seen before
  • Find any of your favorite repos
  • Browse through our extensive library of repos and add any of them straight into the package manager of your choice
  • Journey the app to your heart's content in a beautiful dark mode (if that's what you enjoy doing with your time :P)

My goal behind this app was to make the experience for the user as easy as possible and as simple as possible. Therefore, the app has only two pages. One is a list of repos and the other is a settings page with my twitter link.
Contact me at @HomemadeToast57 for support
If RepoFinder does not show up on your home screen, try clearing UICache.
*(RepoFinder is not a package manager but instead is a repository library.)*
(Special thanks to @QuixThe2nd for his help on the project)

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Version 1.021
Updated February 13, 2020
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 13.0 or later
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