AiirLite - A FREE trial of AiirX. Both packages cannot be installed together.


To setup everything included you will need either Snowboard or iThemer. As well as Juice or NiceBarX for the battery.
Note: if using Snowboard and you have "Snowboard UI Extension" and its still not theming, disable "Data Collection" in snowboard! Go to Settings> Snowboard> Extensions> Snowboard UI Extension>Settings button>Make sure Data Collection is disabled. That is only used for theme developers.
Signal Icons for DualSim requires NiceBarX. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Snowboard Requirements:

  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard Statusbar Extension Extensions.
  • Snowboard UI Extension
  • Snowboard Dock Extension
  • Snowboard Icon Effect Extension
  • Snowboard Icon Mask Extension
  • Snowboard Page Dots Extension
  • It's recommended to install all the extensions to avoid issues in the future.

iThemer Requirements:

  • Latest version of iThemer


  • Optional to theme the battery*
  • Required to theme the Network Icon
  • Required to theme DualSim/E-Sim
  • (Alternative to theme Statusbar elements)


  • Optional to theme the battery*
  • *NiceBarX or Juice can be used to theme the battery, you do not need both.

What you get:

  • Multiple different Signal icons to pick from
  • Multiple different Wifi icons to pick from
  • Multiple different Battery icons to pick from
  • Icon AE / Mask
  • UISwitches

Battery Theme Setup Instructions:

To get the battery theme to apply you need have Juice.

  • Click Select Style and pick the style you want.
  • Click Edit > Settings > Adjust icon for your device if needed


Contact Information

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Version History Version History
  • Fixed conflicting issue with AiirX
  • Change naming convention for all styles. They are now listed as "AiirLite"
Version 1.2
Updated June 1, 2020
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 11 or later

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