Outline - The Perfect Theme Bundle to Match Reva UI by @alolastmoment


To setup everything included you will need either Snowboard or iThemer. As well as Juice or NiceBarX for the battery.
Note: if using Snowboard and you have "Snowboard UI Extension" and its still not theming, disable "Data Collection" in snowboard! Go to Settings> Snowboard> Extensions> Snowboard UI Extension>Settings button>Make sure Data Collection is disabled. That is only used for theme developers.
Signal Icons for DualSim requires NiceBarX. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Snowboard Requirements:

  • Must have Snowboard + Snowboard Extensions.
  • Snowboard Statusbar Extension
  • Snowboard UI Extension
  • Snowboard PageDots Extension

iThemer Requirements:

  • Latest version of iThemer


  • Optional to theme the battery*
  • Required to theme the Network Icon
  • Required to theme DualSim/E-Sim
  • (Alternative to theme Statusbar elements)


  • Optional to theme the battery*

*NiceBarX or Juice can be used to theme the battery, you do not need both.

What you get:

  • Signal icon (3) (Support for RTL languages, simply select the RTL style)
  • Wifi icon (3)
  • Dual Sim icon (2) (NiceBarX Required, enable dual sim icon theme, select AiirO Dual Sim)
  • Network icon (1) (NiceBarX Required)
  • Indicator icons (1) (NiceBarX Required)
  • Battery icon (5) (NiceBarX or Juice Required)
  • Page Dots (1, Light & Dark)
  • Notification Badges (1, Light & Dark)

Note: Cell/Wifi/Battery have full NiceBarX and Juice support
Only enable 1 of each style at a time, or else the top style will take priority.

Battery Theme Setup Instructions:

To get the battery theme to apply you need have installed either NiceBarX or Juice.

  • Click Select Style and pick the style you want.
  • Click Edit > Settings > Offset > Adjust icon for your device if needed


  • Click on Battery Mode > Icon Text
  • Battery Settings > Icon Style > Use ICONS(Compatible Alkaline) > Choose Icon.
  • Enable Adaptive Icon Color
  • You may need to change the Icon Scale and/or Icon Offset for your specific device to line it up.
  • Play around with any other settings you want

Click Apply when you're happy
Respring to ensure changes have fully taken effect.
Battery will not change colours for "Charging", "Low Battery" or "Low Power Mode". This is done by design.

Discounts and Payment:

If you purchase AiirX or AiirM or AiirS, you will get a 10% discount on this package.
Owning this package also gives you 10% off AiirX and AiirM!

Can't afford to purchase this or can't purchase the theme in your country? PLEASE contact me. DO NOT pirate this theme. We can work out an alternative. You can reach me anytime on Twitter (link below)

For a FREE alternative, check out "Aiir Status Bar" and "AiirLite". Those are regarded as a "Free Trials".


Not satisfied? Feel free to contact me with details to try and resolve the issue before requesting a refund. Still want a refund? Simply describe your reasoning and refund requests made within 24 hours of purchase may be refunded*. If the refund request is made after the 24 hours has elapsed, I reserve the right to evaluate the situation and either accept or decline the refund.

*Reasons for declining the refund:
  1. Refunds may be decline for failure to properly read instructions / package information. Everything included and instructions are all included prior to your purchase.
  2. If refund requests are not done in a polite and respectful manner, they may be declined.
  3. If i make contact with your after your refund to provide assistance, and you do not reply. The refund may be declined.
  4. All refunds are done under my discretion. If i do not feel it is genuine, i reserve the rights to decline the refund.

Contact Information

You can contact me as well as follow my progress on twitter
Like what I've made and feel like supporting me?

Version History Version History
  • 2 New styles! Slant and Bars! Full Juice / NicebarX Support.
  • Fixed up issues with last update having a theme which couldn't be selected due to copy / paste error
  • Minor name change fix to try and make things more consistent
Version 1.5
Updated June 17, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11 or later