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Welcome to Appolitary

What's Appolitary?
Appolitary is a tweak based on an iOS 13 concept video, allowing for users to lock any app directly from its shortcut menu. Quick. Easy. Effective.

Why use Appolitary?
Users may want to give their device to another person, this is what Appolitary is for, giving the owner piece of mind that anyone with access to the device will not be able to launch or remove a locked app.

Appolitary Features

  • Lock/Unlock via the Shortcut Menu

No options to configure.

No changes were reported for this version
Previous Changes
UpdatedAugust 26, 2018
Restriction(s) PayPal: $1.50
Supported iOS Version(s)11.0 - 11.4
1.0out of 5
  • Still not functioning.1.0.3
    Aug 27, 2018

    Still does not function on 11.3.1 iPX...

  • Refund 3 as update1.0.3
    Aug 26, 2018

    Still Doesn’t work!! It’s a joke

  • Still NOT working !!1.0.3
    Aug 26, 2018

    Stop sending updates !! This shit is still not working. Refund money !!

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