iOS jailbreak tweak that hides the lock screen clock/date and other lock screen elements until the user manually taps/holds down on the lock screen.

  • Ever felt like your lockscreen clock was blocking your breathtaking wallpaper? Houdini solves this issue by hiding the clock/date, notifications and other lock screen elements and only showing them when the user taps or holds down.
  • You can choose between a tap/long press and a toggle/automatic hide mode.
  • There are other options to hide additional lock screen elements (FaceID Lock, Quick Action toggles, etc.)
  • Additional option to hide elements when the phone's screen turns off.
  • Support tweaks like: Jellyfish, Kalm, Axon, Complications, Dualclock.

Not Compatible with SimpleLS2 and partly compatible with ColorFlow 5's full scren mode.

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Version 1.4
Updated January 4, 2022
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 13.0 - 14.8