Android Raven
Widgets (Lockscreen)
$1.50 USD

Android Raven on your iPhone.
Minimalist yet informative and animated design for your lock screen.
Featuring a choice of over 16 million colours, the animated wallpaper included will look great with any theme. You also have the option to use the animated wallpaper on your home or lock screen with your own widgets or setup.
This includes 6 preset theme colours activated by the "flick of a switch" or, enter your own colour to suit your needs.
Android Raven also has the ability for you to use a different colour scheme on your home vs lock screen.
You can also hide the lock screen animation and just use the widget.
Lock Screen Features:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Weather Icon
  • Current Location
  • Current Temp
  • Current Condition
  • Animated Wallpaper (16 Million Colours)
  • Zoom Level
  • Dark or Light Icon
  • Custom Text Color

Home Screen Features:

  • Animated Wallpaper (16 Million Colours)


  • Use the widget with your own wallpaper
  • Use the animated wallpaper as your lock or home screen background


  • XenHTML and XenINFO


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Version 1.0
Updated July 11, 2019
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 10.1 or later

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