Introducing Avya:

The ultimate notification banners hiding tweak. Disabling notifications for any app in a gesture!
Requires Activator!

Why you need it? 

You only get the private notification while your phone isn’t in your hand, for example, while showing a photo/video to your friend you get that private notification banner that he shouldn’t see it.


  • Hide all notifications banners from the applications.
  • Activator toggle to enable/disable the tweak.
  • Haptic FeedBack when the tweak is enabled.
  • Timer for auto disable.

Upcoming features:

  • Status bar dot indicator.
  • CC toggle to enable/disable.
  • Ability to include/exclude apps.
  • Ability to hide apps badges.
  • Ability to get alert when toggle enable/disabled.
  • Ability to include/exclude contacts.

Avya is free and open source, it's my first tweak, releasing a tweak always was my dream, I worked hard to develop this tweak.
For more features feel free to contact me on Twitter, and don’t forget to follow me! I am open to developing more tweaks (dm on Twitter).
I am also looking for developers to help me continue to develop this tweak! (dm on Twitter).

Version History Version History
  • Added timer to auto disable the tweak after certain time.
  • After respring the tweak will be off.
  • Added respring button.
  • Indicator will be added soon!
  • Fixed Preferences not loading on ios 13.
Version 1.1-1
Updated July 8, 2021
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 13.0 - 14.5