AirPort brings Apple's beautiful pairing & status UI to 2nd Generation AirPods.

Note: This does not bring support for Hey Siri, but I'll be looking into it when I get the time.

Features Include:
  • Pairing & Status UI for 2nd Generation AirPods
  • Dark mode!
  • Proper AirPod Glyphs in Battery Widget (2nd Gen AirPods)
  • Custom AirPods Animations (works on 1st & 2nd Gen AirPods)
Known Bugs:
  • Battery shows 100% when pairing
  • Not showing separate airpods
  • Airpod gyph not showing in cc audio module
  • Status view shows 0% for a second before showing the proper battery %

AirPort is fully open source, you can view the source code here:

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Version History Version History
  • Initial support for dark mode!
  • Separated custom animations into their own packages
Version 1.0.6-1
Updated June 7, 2019
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 11.0 or later

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