June 27, 2021


  • Add 130 new icons
  • Redesigned the Discord app with the new look, kept the old as a random icon that you can look for it by typing "Discord"
  • Redesigned Behance app icon
  • iPad support for most apps (more to come with updates)
  • Fixes for different bundle IDs
  • Retouches and redesigns for few existing designs

May 8, 2021


  • 120 new designed from scratch icons
  • 17 new alternative icons
  • Fixes for various bundle IDs
  • Redesign for some existing icons
  • A new AppleTV remote app that matches the newly released TV remote by apple. (old icon still exists as an alternative)
  • Sideloaded Jailbreak related apps are now applied automatically (Taurine, Libhooker, Unc0ver, Substitute, Altstore, etc..)
  • Fixes for the settings icons
  • Enhanced support for settings (support for Shuffle tweak and others)
  • Support for the major cryptocurrency related apps (Kraken, Binance, Coinbase, etc..)
  • Other modes are being a WIP.
  • Support for Jailbreak related apps (iSecureOS, Lynx, PowerSelector, Dra1n)

April 14, 2021


No changes were reported.