Want to see the dark side of Viola?

Viola Dark is one of the most frequently updated dark themes with over 1870 icons! (25% off if you got Viola)
How about the glyph version of Viola?
Viola Glyphs is now released with +1200 icons & will only get better (10% off if you got Viola)


A simple, modern & beautiful iOS theme. Designed with care to replace the stock iOS look with a stunning color palette and beautiful gradients with icons that may have the same basics of stock iOS but feels very different and pleasant to the eyes.

  • +1850 icons
  • +80 alternative icons
  • Settings theme
  • 25 wallpapers
  • 20 Blank icons
  • generic icons
  • Badges
  • NEW (1.9.5) Viola Mask
  • A pack of 25 beautiful viola wallpapers that you can download here
  • Tip: if you're using Sileo and the link is not accessible open the theme in Safari.

Viola will get updates every 2 weeks containing :

  • At least 100 new icons
  • slight enhancements to existing icons (or redesigns)
  • BundleID fixes
  • Improve support for settings icons
  • Updates might be delayed if i’m busy with family and work

You can always follow my updates on twitter

Icon requests
  • Viola is very open to icon suggestions, you can make your requests via this email (viola.requests@
  • Provide proof of purchase (transaction screenshot)
  • You can request up to 10 icons
  • Please provide the application name with its bundle ID like this format (App name - Bundle ID)
  • You can get the app's bundleID here or by downloading BundleIDsXI (BundleIDsXII for A12) from Cydia/Sileo or any other package manager.
Important notes
  • Paypal me if you wish to help supporting Viola updates.
  • Join our discord server for more updates & support for Viola here
  • Once you purchase Viola all future update are free.
  • Viola is available on Snowboard, Anemone & iThemer
  • VPN settings icon is only themed through iThemer
  • Viola work on all iPhones, iPods & iPads running iOS 7.0 through iOS 13.x
  • Refunds will be declined after 1 day of use.

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Version 1.9.6
Updated June 18, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 7.x - 13.x

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