Introducing Viola Glyphs
Viola glyphs is the glyph version of the original Viola!
10% off if you have the original Viola
A simple, modern & beautiful iOS theme. Designed with care to replace the stock iOS look with a stunning colour palette and beautiful gradients with icons that may have the same basics of stock iOS but feels very different and pleasant to the eyes.

Glyph Modes

Viola Glyphs have 3 different modes!

  1. Colourful Viola Glyphs
  2. Black Viola Glyphs
  3. White Viola Glyphs

And i'm already working on supporting other modes like Glass white.
Each mode has been redesigned with care so similar glyphs will be easily distinguished & Glyphs can stand out without a background.


Viola glyphs is released with a lot of features, and many will be add as well in future updates:

  • +700 Colourful Viola Glyphs
  • +700 Black Viola Glyphs
  • +700 White Viola Glyphs
  • Colourful settings
  • Black settings
  • White settings
  • Minimal Colourful badges
  • Minimal Black badges
  • Minimal White badges
Important Note : Minimal badges have no notifications number inside.


Viola glyphs will get updates every 2 weeks containing :

  • 50-100 new icons
  • slight enhancements to existing icons
  • BundleID fixes
  • Improve support for settings icons
Important Notes:
  1. Updates might be delayed if i'm busy with work & family
  2. Viola Glyphs will be updated with all Viola & Viola Dark icons
  3. If you already sent requests for Viola or Viola Dark, there's no need to send for Viola Glyphs! Your requests will also be added to Viola glyphs eventually.

You can always follow my updates on twitter

Icon requests
  • Viola Glyphs is very open to icon suggestions, you can make your requests via this email (viola.requests@
  • Provide proof of purchase (transaction screenshot)
  • You can request up to 10 icons
  • Please provide the application name with its bundle ID like this format (App name - Bundle ID)
  • You can get the app's bundleID here or by downloading BundleIDsXI (BundleIDsXII for A12) from Cydia/Sileo or any other package manager.

Important Notes :
  • If you face any problem with the release, please email it to me with screenshots to fix it for the upcoming updates
  • Paypal me if you wish to help supporting all Viola updates.
  • Join our discord server for more updates & support for Viola here
  • Once you purchase Viola Glyphs all future update are free.
  • Viola Glyphs is available on Snowboard, Anemone & iThemer
  • Viola Glyphs work on all iPhones, iPods & iPads running iOS 7.x through iOS 13.x
  • Refunds will be declined after 1 day of use.

Version History Version History

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Version 1.3
Updated May 24, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 7.x - 13.x

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