One swipe to kill them all!

KillX Pro is the feature-packed version of the popular tweak KillX (over 30k downloads!) as seen here, which allows you to simply swipe down once on one App Switcher card to close all of your running apps. Get rid of swiping 10 times in a row to close all your apps!

See KillX Pro in action
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Music Detection

KillX Pro automatically detects the app which is playing media and keeps it alive. A 'music' glyph indicates which app is currently playing music and is locked.

App Lock

Tap and hold app cards to lock apps! Locked apps can no longer be killed or closed by mistake. You can also lock apps permanently from the settings pane.


KillX Pro comes with beautiful animations e.g. when locking an app card, you will see lock glyphs animating. There are also new animations for killing apps.
Choose from different button styles:

  • Colored / Mono
  • Extra Light
  • Light
  • Dark

Haptic Feedback

Fell a nice feedback which expresses your actions. You will get a different response for killing apps or locked apps. (Only iPhone 6s or newer devices support this feature).

Return Policy

Refund requests will be accepted within 24 hours upon purchase under acceptable circumstances. Please describe your issue clearly. The request will be closed if no response is made via Packix chat within 7 days.
Refunds requested due to an issue which is stated in this package description page will be refused (as these are known issues). Please read the description carefully (including this policy) before purchasing. Refunds requested due to an issue which is not stated in this package description page (e.g. safe mode issues) must provide clear details of the issue. These type of issues will usually be addressed via email. (bug fixes) Please send an email with crashlogs, screen recordings of the issue or feature suggestions to:
Frequent, vulgar refunds will be noted and rejected.

KillX Pro is not compatible with iPadOS. Tweaks that force iPadOS features like 'Split View' are also not compatible.
Version History Version History
  • Fixed preferences not loading (iOS 13)
  • Fixed kill button corners not displaying correctly (iOS 13)
Version 3.0.2
Updated May 4, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11.0 - 14.5