Purchase - $1.00

If you bought Kecil outside of Packix in the past, visit this link!

This is the full version of my theme Kecil. This download will include

  • three versions of the theme, each with 600+ icons currently
    • One glyphs theme
    • One light theme
    • One dark theme
    • One colored theme
    • One colored theme with reduced glyph sized
  • Status Bar theme (please do not apply on iOS 11. Status bar themes crash to safemode.)
  • Control Center Theme
  • Settings icons
  • Passcode Theme

If you're on iOS 10 or below, you'll need to get this theme on my legacy repo.

Follow me on Twitter @ColbyRoark for more updates, questions, or concerns!

Icon requests can be made here

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UpdatedJuly 15, 2018
Restriction(s) PayPal: $1.00
Supported iOS Version(s)iOS 11 or later
5.0out of 5
  • ✅✅4.7
    Jul 15, 2018

    Dope theme! Please keep coming out with more icons 🙏🏽

  • Buy1
    Jul 14, 2018

    amazing theme, too bad it doesn't have many icons

  • Absolutely Beautiful!1
    Jul 14, 2018

    Ayo! Im /u/2T7 in case anyone wants to check with me, but i’m in love with this theme, worth more than a dollar imo considering its got 4 themes within one package. Absolutely beautiful and fits with my phone completely, I wish I could give it more stars to balance out these neglectful reviews.

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