Prysm SpaceCC
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Prysm SpaceCC
Most Fav Space Elements for Your Prysm Control Centre.
Beautifully Crafted Glyphs for CC
This also works on normal CC too
Added 4 New Special SpaceCC addition Presents for MagmaEVO (Automatically install in Preset directory while installation)
I made pretty simple things here for easy to use.
Installation process - it just take 5 minutes
1) After installing Prysm SpaceCC go in Folder location using filza Library/Themes/PrysmSpaceCC.theme/bundle you'll find prysm folder copy that folder
2) paste that folder in Library/Application Support folder.
3) apply Prysm SpaceCC using snowboard or ithemer then respring device.
4) Adjust toggles from control center settings which is with black background icons
5)Now respring your device.
Here Video tutorial if you not understand in those steps
That's it it's so simple.
Important Note
You need to add first those repo 
https://repo.thuthuatjb.com (this repo for Snowboard UI extension or download from Sparks discord)
Then install Flipconvert from Julioverne repo (it'll automatically install flipswitch also)
Special thanks to @LaughingQuoll @thetimeloop for Prysm
@NoisyFlake for MagmaEVO
And shout-out for @h00tly for testing Prysm DevyCC
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Version History Version History
  • Added Big icon set
Version 1.1
Updated March 14, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 7 - 13.4

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