Take advantage of your display and your device! Not only does Nighthawk look way better on OLED screens than the bright white blurs that are default, but the use of solid black instead of dynamic blurs on an OLED device will help save you battery across the day thanks to the way OLED screens work, Nighthawk makes the following UI elements way more OLED friendly...

  • Lockscreen & Homescreen
  • Notifications & Widgets
  • Control Center
  • Folders
  • Alerts
  • Now Playing
  • Dock

Tweaks that work especially great alongside Nighthawk Include...

  • Hometime
  • ClassicFolders
  • Hyperion
  • SnowBoard (specifically glyph themes such as ASGlyphs)
Version History Version History
  • dependency and versioning fix
Version 1.0
Updated October 15, 2019
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11 - 12
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