Internet connection is needed everytime you enter enter the tweak preferences panel to verify the license.
The best keeps getting better!
Introducing No2Theft3, the successor of No2Theft2, the most complete tweak against pranksters, annoying nosy people and thieves.
No2Theft3 has been reworked from scratch, with tons of new features.
The main concept behind that tweak was protecting your phone in public places and from annoying friends / coworkers that are trying to access the phone.
Let's say you're having dinner in a restaurant and your phone is being charged on the bar someone comes by and snatches that phone and tries to run what will happen ?
Charger option: An alarm will fire immediately when the charge is disconnected, the alarm cannot be turned down, a picture of the thief will be taken, alongside the device location and will be sent to any of two sms numbers you specify or one of the two emails you specify in the tweak.
Lockscreen: if you have annoying family members, friends, coworkers that like to peek with your phone , you can specify how many times you are allowed to input the password before firing that alarm , taking pic of that annoying person , saved to camera roll and sent with the device location as SMS or Email.
Device location is so accurate, as accurate as google maps, in fact it uses the same API as google maps does.
Remote commands: this is a neat feature that allows you remotely control your device in case it got stolen:
You specify a trigger word let's say you chose "remotecommand".
You send an SMS to the stolen phone that contains the word "remotecommand" only, and once that SMS is received an email and an SMS will be sent to the numbers and emails you specified with the device location in order to find it!
Attempts: You can also specify the number of attempts when a failed passcode has been inputted before firing the alarm, and even better, you can specify a coutdown in seconds, let's say you specified 5, when the password is inputted wrong or charger disconnected the phone will wait 5 seconds before firing the alarm, giving you time to authenticate.
Disable Shutdown: disables the regular shutdown function when the alarm is firing, in case of hardware reset is attempted an email will be sent with picture and location of the device, unfortunately a hardware reset cannot be stopped as it's not a software feature we have access to.
Custom Alarm: The tweak comes with 4 stock alarm sounds, the cool part is that you can import YOUR OWN! As simple as placing ANY sound file in /Library/Application Support/No2Theft3/Alarm Sounds and the tweak will recognise them and you get to choose the alarm you like.
Front facing pics quality taken can be adjusted to your liking within the preferences aswell, ranging from low quality to the highest quality.
Safe WiFi: You can also set up to 5 WiFi network considered as safe, if you are connected to one of these WiFis an alarm will never fire.
Extra options: when the alarm fires you can configure the tweak to:
Enable Data in case it's disactived, very important in order to be able to send location and photo.
Enable LPM mode, to keep the phone alive as much as possbile.
Enable Location if it's off, needed to send the location.

Things to know:

Emails are sent from No2Theft own Gsuite business account.
SMS are sent from your credits, beware if you are on limited plan.
As we all know, SMS cannot contain attachments so pictures sent via SMS are uploaded to Imgur first and they get sent as links


Refunds requested due to issues such as safe modes or features not working must provide clear details of the issue. Refund requests may be closed if no response is made within 7 days. If If the issue cannot be resolved within 7 days issue verification a refund will be provided.

Version History Version History
  • Made some internal code changes and changed the emailing API
Version 1.6-1
Updated March 3, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 12 - 14.3