We all have annoying and nosy friends or GF/Wife, who we lend them our phone to check a photo, make an urgent phone call or play a game and they end up opening your photos, conversations or your even notes! Spy is the must have tweak for such situations, beautifully and easily integrated, either by adding a CC module into your control center or swiping right on the status bar Spy mode gets activated!
In Spy mode, all opened apps are logged with the date and time in Hours, minutes and seconds, when you get your phone back you click again on the Spy CC module or swipe left on the status bar to view the log! If you have a huge log you can also share it via email or export it!
Spy adds several cool functions to make spying better:

  • When in Spy mode, you can choose which apps shouldn’t launch (ex: Photos, SMS).
  • When in Spy mode, you can fire an alarm in chosen apps and set the time in seconds for the alarm to keep on firing, you can also import your own custom alarm by placing it in /library/application support/spy/alarmsounds.
  • When in Spy mode, you whitelist certain apps, like games or non important apps they don’t get monitored in the logs, so you will focus on logs that are more important.
  • Other than having a non hidden CC toggle in the control center, you can enable the status bar option which activates spy mode when swiping right on the status bar and disables it when swiping left.
  • Disable the alert when disabled apps are launched in spy, it just quits.
  • Change the text on the alert when chosen disabled apps are launched in Spy mode.
  • Lock the phone when disabled apps are launched in spy mode
  • Spy CC lock, locks the Control Center module with fingerprint or face ID so no one can enable or disable it except for you.
  • Lock the phone when disabled apps are launched in spy mode.
  • Fake Passcode: a very cool feature that allows you to configure a fake passcode for example "0000" and when you land your phone to someone and the phone is opened with 0000 Spy mode will get automatically activated and logs everything opened on the phone.
  • Change Control Center module image to either a clock, calculator or the original one in order to not make it

looks suspicious ;)

See the tweak in action:

Spy 2.0 in action:


Refunds requested due to issues such as safe modes or features not working must provide clear details of the issue. Refund requests may be closed if no response is made within 7 days. If If the issue cannot be resolved within 7 days, a refund will be provided.

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Version 2.0
Updated May 22, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11 - 13.7