SmartNotifications 2 ! The successor for SmartNotification with huge new features and full rewrite to support iOS 13 and iOS 14! The ultimate tweak to customize your notifications such as adding custom ringtones for apps, enable time frame, snooze notifications, block contacts and much more! See the tweak in action:

25% off for existing SmartNotifications users! I made it paid because i have re-written several parts to support iOS 14, and added major new features that required so much work.

Configure notification behavior and settings for each installed app individually:

-Custom notification sound: set a custom notification sound for each installed app individually, SmartNotifications already comes set with 15 cool notification sounds and you can even import and add your own by placing them in /Library/Application Support/SmartNotifications!
-Custom Time Frame: Do you want to stop receiving annoying work related emails after working hours for example? Or messages on Teams? SmartNotification v1.6 got you covered! You can now set a custom time frame for each app and between that time frame you won’t receive any notification from that app
-Bypass mute state: let’s say you are waiting for a very important business email or a message from your crush, you have your phone on mute so you don’t bother with stupid notifications, you can set your favorite app to bypass mute state in that case even if your phone is set on mute, you will receive a notification alert from that app (this requires custom notifications sound to be enabled)
-DND mode: we all want to enjoy youtube or netflix without being bothered by other notifications, with SmartNotifications, you can enable DND mode for your favorite app and as long as that app is open, you won’t get notified and annoyed by other notifications.
-Custom volume level: allows you to set a custom volume level from your preferred app so you won’t miss a notification.
-Vibrate on ring: vibrate the phone when receiving notification when your phone is in ring mode for this specific app.
-Vibrate on silent: vibrate the phone when receiving notification when your phone is in silent mode for this specific app.
PS: You can enable both vibrate on ring and silent at the same time.
-LED flash alerts: Apple already allows you to enable flash alerts when receiving a notification, but Apple being Apple, limited you by enabling it for all apps, with SmartNotifications, you can set the led flash alerts for apps of your choice and even choose if you want to blink once, twice or thrice.

Blocked contacts:

You can block contacts and you not see a notification from them! Supports major apps like Messages, Facebook messenger, Twitter, reddit, discord......

Blocked words:

-Choose specific words that you would to like to block, and when a notification gets pushed that contains any of those words, it will be blocked and you won’t receive a banner nor a sound!

Fake notifications:

-You get to customize a fake notification the way you want! Choose from which app, choose sender and message body! You can trigger it by swiping right on status bar, anytime and anywhere!

Global Settings:

-Snooze notifications: Swipe on the notification, press manage and snooze, set your preferred time, the notification dismisses and when the time you set is reached, it will get pushed again.
-Swipe to clear: Automatically clear the notifications when swiping.
-Remove manage: remove the manage option when swiping a notification.
-Hide sender: Hides the sender name of the notification.
-Unlimited notification lines: show all notification contents.
All changes are applied automatically! No need for a respring!
Requires libsparkapplist and libnotifications


Refunds requested are only issued for users who are having problems or crashes and i’m unable to solve them, user must provide clear details of the issue with a crashlog sent to my email Refund requests may be closed if no response is made within 7 days. If If the issue cannot be resolved within 7 days a refund will be provided.

Version History Version History
  • Added the ability to only play notification sounds for specific apps you select when the phone is locked, do not play sounds when it's unlocked so it doesn't disrupt what you're doing or listening to.
  • Snoozed notifications now have a special sound and title in order to differentiate them.
Version 1.5
Updated August 11, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 12 - 14.2