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Add a Second Clock to The Lock Screen And Statusbar.
Supports iOS 13 and A12/A13
I made this tweak in inspiration of the "Dual Clock" seen on some Huawei phones (here), as I thought it would be really convenient to have two time zones on your lock screen, instead of having to open the Clock app to check the time in another country/city.
Note, if updating from v1.0.1 or lower to a new version, you'll need to disable and re-enable lockscreen mode as I re-wrote the preferences component of the tweak in v1.1

  • Two extremely customisable clocks on the lockscreen.
  • Add two different time zones to the statusbar (devices without the notch need to install a tweak that enables the notch statusbar).
  • Show and hide AM/PM.
  • Show seconds.
  • Hide Face-ID Lock.
  • Hide Charging Indicator.
  • 24 hour and 12 hour mode.
  • Adjust the Vertical position of the times.
  • Support for upcoming Kalm version.
  • Supports Axon.
  • Supports Quart.

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Version History Version History
  • Fixes a battery drain bug. The lockscreen time will now only update when the lockscreen is showing or when the screen is on. If the screen is off, the time will no longer update, therefore preventing battery drain.
  • Fixes a bug where the screen recording indicator will be distorted and out of place on iPad's.
  • Probably fixed a bunch of other statusbar bugs.
  • Removed some unnecessary code.
Version 1.3
Updated May 29, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 13.0 or later

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