Fine - A stunning visual experience

Fine was born with the desire to renew iOS icons while maintaining the simplicity and clarity that distinguishes Apple's design.
Each Fine icon has been refined in the smallest details in order to make the iOS visual experience as stunning as never did before. The fusion between gradients that use a vivid and bright color palette and icon's glyph slightly shaded in the darker part gives to the icons contrast and depth while keeping their simplicity. 
This is my vision of iOS icons, renewed in appearance, colors and details.


The wallpapers used are a slightly modified version of the iOS 14 ones and unfortunately, due to changes in how iOS handles default wallpapers, I can't directly include them in the package.
You can download them HERE, both for iPhone & iPad.

Please Note

Fine has been tested and is compatible with iPhone & iPad.
This theme requires a theming engine to work.
Fine has been specifically built to be used with SnowBoard by SparkDev but any theming engine should work.
Supports FuzzyBundleIdentifiers in order to theme Checkra1n & Unc0ver icons as well.
Supports Settings icons as well.
If you encounter any problems please contact me on Twitter @FlareZephyr

Icon Requests

For those who have purchased Fine, to request apps to be themed for following releases, contact me on Twitter or write an email to
with the names of the applications you would like to request, a screeshot of those applications and theirs BundleID.


I would like to thank all the people that have supported the development of Fine retweeting and liking posts about it.
Without you I would not have put all this effort and dedication to its realization, so if Fine exists it is also thanks to you!
If you like this theme then do not miss the news, updates and its future development by following me on twitter @FlareZephyr
If you want to support the hard work to create this theme, offer me a coffee by buying it and not pirating it, thanks!

Version History Version History
  • Fixed "HomeScreen & Dock" Settings icon on iPads.
  • Fixed Setting "Tweaks" icon for Shuffle and Preference Organizer 2. To make sure it works correctly install the "SnowBoard UI Extension"!
Version 1.1.3
Updated August 16, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 10 - 14

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