Backtrix ports the famous backtap feature introduced in iOS 14 for jailbroken iOS 13 devices. For those who are not familiar with it, backtap is an accessibility feature of iOS 14 which allows you to double or triple tap on the back of your iPhone to perform certain actions. Backtrix analyses motion data from your device sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor and uses machine learning to determine whether there was a double or triple tap.
Backtrix uses low level apis to ensure efficient detection with minimal impact on battery life. It consumes on average approximately 4-8% of cpu time for most devices. It smartly detects whether the device is handheld or not so that it can pause the analysis of the sensors data. The tweak will consume around 10-15% battery in a 24 hours usage. 
Note: For A9/A10 devices (iPhone 6s/7/SE 1), the machine learning processing will be done on CPU because unlike A11+ devices, they do not have a neural engine hardware chip which allows to run neural networks with high efficiency at low power. This will cause the average CPU usage to be around 15-20% for these devices and hence will have a bigger impact on battery life.
Backtrix supports over 25 actions from running accessibility features to even launching activator actions. 
Below is the full list of supported actions:
-App switcher
-Control centre
-Lock screen
-Notification centre
-Toggle flashlight
-Toggle low power mode
-Toggle do not disturb
-Toggle dark mode
-Toggle nightshift
-Launch an app of your choice
-Play/Pause audio
-Next/Previous track
-Volume up/down
-Open assistive touch
-Smart Invert
-Run any shortcut
-Run Activator actions
Below are some frequently asked questions:
Can i use Backtrix on iOS 11/12?
No, it requires iOS 13 and above.
Will Backtrix run on iOS 14?
Native backtap only supports iPhone 8 and above on iOS 14. But with Backtrix, you can use these gestures on your iPhone 6s/7/SE too.
What devices does it support?
It requires iPhone 6s and above. In my testing i have found that the number of false triggers was more on pre iPhone X devices. Note that this does not mean that it won't detect taps on pre A11 devices, it just means that it works but these devices accelerometer have different frequencies and hence cause more signal noise which may produce these erroneous triggers. The tweak is not compatible with iPads.
Will it work with a case on?
Yes it does for most cases. But for military style cases (thick or rugged case), it won't.
What is the success rate of the gestures?
More than 85% of the gestures are successfully detected, but false detection can happen too. This is also the case with iOS 14 native backtap and even Apple who invest thousands of dollars into research was not able to fully prevent this.
Native backtap feels slow. Is it the same with Backtrix?
Backtrix has 2 sensitivity setting: normal and high. The normal one might feel a bit slow but will result in less false triggers. High sensitivity runs the detector at a higher frequency but at the same time might create false/double triggers and have slightly higher consumption of battery. I suggest to try both for some days to see what suits you best.
Can i use it on lock screen?
No, the actions will not run on lockscreen due to security issues.
Will it trigger accidental backtaps in my pocket?
The tweak can make use of the proximity sensor to ignore any backtaps when the device is placed inside your pocket which is useful for people who put their phones in their pockets without locking it first. Do note that having the proximity sensor always on might impact battery life on older devices.
Does the shortcuts run inline?
No, it open shortcuts app and runs the shortcut.

Version History Version History
  • recompiled using latest theos
Version 1.1.4
Updated October 21, 2021
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 13.0 or later