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Dark GMaps

Dark Mode for Google Maps

Supports Google Maps v5.4 and above. Please check your app version before purchasing.

Choose a dark theme from one of the themes. Over 10 themes available!
If you don't find any theme that suit you, pick your own colors using the custom color option.

Map options

Only two map styles are available: day and night. This is not customisable per theme/color. Automatic mode means that during 06:00-18:00, day maps will be used and for the remaining, night maps will be used.
The map style only applies to the main map. During navigation, the map style will be set to the theme that you configured in google maps app in Settings > Navigation > Map display.

Since the app is in dark mode but the map can be in light style, the white status bar can be hard to be see. To fix it, there is a status bar overlay option that adds a semi transparent black background to the status bar.

Report any bugs along with screenshots on my twitter account: @foxfortmobile
Feel free to mail me at [email protected] in case you have any queries.

  • New activation system
  • Better memory management
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FoxfortMobile[email protected]
UpdatedDecember 14, 2018
Restriction(s) PayPal: $1.10
Supported iOS Version(s)11.0 or later
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  • Awesome tweak 1.1.1
    Dec 4, 2018

    This dev is setting new golden standard for darkmodes !!! Hope cydia will also be one of his projects ;)

  • Almost perfect1.0.1
    Nov 16, 2018

    On “Your contributions” section your revi ew photo has a black bar underneath it. Otherwise it’s a perfect tweak. 👌🏼

  • Gorgeous 1.0.1
    Nov 16, 2018

    This tweak makes GMaps looking the way u‘ve never would imagine 🔥🔥🔥 Soooooooo cooooool...!!! Quality is top 👌 This dev is making the best darkmode stuff for sure !!!

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