June 21, 2021


  • Limit max requests history to 15,000 for small database size and better performance
  • Updated unknown ip database
  • Fixed gmail not loading

June 19, 2021


  • Global rules have been revamped into global lists such as whitelist/blocklist. You can now better manage global rules by adding them to a custom list and easily toggle the list on/off. Existing global rules and the ones added by choosing "any app" from Netfence alert are stored in Default whitelist/blocklist. Netfence built in lists like malware, ads which are used for domain classification are also available in the global blocklist section. By toggling them on, you can block all ads, crypto mining, malware domains across all netfence enabled apps. Future update will allow importing of external lists into Netfence custom list
  • Setting allow/block all for an app will no longer create a global rule (Any domain rule). This will allow new requests to be filtered against global lists and in case no suitable match was found, this setting will be used to determine further action.
  • Fixed deleting rule from the app settings screen removing all requests with that rule domain. Now only that rule will be deleted.
  • Updated unknown ip addresses database

June 8, 2021


  • Updated categories
  • Fixed crash for apps with multiple webviews

June 5, 2021


  • Added an option to convert domain to global rule from request details screen
  • Added copy cURL command to request details screen
  • Fixed blank control center when using gesto
  • Added search option in enabled applications screen
  • Fixed links in mail app not opening in Safari app
  • Improved wildcard handling of url with multiple subdomains
  • Fixed crashed in iCabMobile, 2GIS, Google app
  • Fixed crash when pulling notification center in landscape mode when alert is appearing
  • Removed incorrect category for app . box . com

May 31, 2021


  • Fixed preference bundles not loading on some devices
  • Updated 'conflict with rocket' message

May 29, 2021


No changes were reported.