Quickly translate any text

Need to quickly translate some text? Just select the desired text and choose Translomatic from the select menu itself. As simple as that! It supports over 100 languages, so it's guaranteed you will find yours there. With first class support for Twitter, Discord and Messenger, using Translomatic in these apps is easy as cake! 
But what if you use an app that does not provide the select context menu? 
Fear not, simply copy the text using the provided means in the app and use Activator. Translomatic can quickly convert clipboard text via your preferred Activator action.
Translomatic has the following features:
-Translate any selected text using the context menu option
-Translate a Twitter direct message by long pressing on it
-Translate a discord message from the message options
-Translate any Facebook Messenger message using the "Translomatic" button at the bottom when long pressing on a message
-Translate clipboard text via Activator action
-Translate Facebook posts
-Native integration with Whatsapp, Reddit, KakaoTalk, iMessage, Apollo, Instagram, Flex
-Copy translated text
-Translate complete website with a single tap in Safari
NOTE: Translomatic uses Google Translate API to perform the translations.

For reviews, check out:
-Translating Facebook comments is not supported yet
-Activator is an optional dependency. You can still use the tweak without it
Report any bugs along with screenshots on
Feel free to mail me at in case you have any queries.

Version History Version History
  • Fixed crash in some jailbreak apps like icleaner pro
Version 2.2.5
Updated August 1, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11.0 or later

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