Compatible with iOS 10 - 13. 
Shows the exact time of a notification instead of "1h ago". 
Affects both the Notification center & the lockscreen banners. 
*Option to choose to only affect notifications older than X minutes. 
*Option to add estimated time to the exact time.
Example: "48m ago • 09:41" 
*Option to add minutes to "Xh ago"
Example: "5h 47m ago" 
*You can also combine these options to get something like this: "5h 47m ago • 09:41" 
Configure options from Settings.
Requested by /u/XDSS2002 on Reddit. 
Source code available on github

Version History Version History
  • Now displays future notification correctly (calendar)
Version 1.8
Updated December 7, 2019
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 10.0 - 14.0

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