Never Leave Your Flashlight on Again!
A must have tweak for owners of the iPhone X or above, or for those who tend to accidentally activate their flashlight, FlashNotify automatically sends you a reminder to turn off your flashlight so you don't accidentally drain your battery by leaving it on.
FlashNotify reminds you if you leave your flashlight on after:

  • A certain time has passed
  • Your phone is plugged in to charge

You can set a custom time delay before the reminder is sent, and to turn off the flashlight, just tap the reminder!
In addition, FlashNotify can automatically turn off your flashlight after a set time!
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Development: Greg0109
Design: Thomas Jadallah
Disclaimer: Other tweaks shown in screenshots not included.

Version History Version History
  • Initial Release!
Version 1.0
Updated August 7, 2020
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 7.0 - 13.6