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Support iPhone 6s, 6sp, 7, 7p, 8, 8p, SE.

All Features:

  • App Switcher: Grid Switcher, Round card corners
  • Battery: Change color, Hide/Show percentage
  • Control Center: Animation, Hint Bar, Status Bar, Padding
  • Dock: Increase Icon Number, No Background, Round Corners, iPad Floating(Present In-App, Set number recent app, hide/show in-app switcher)
  • Gesture: Style Original, Disable, Modern, Miniature(Edge Protect)
  • Hardware Button: Original Button, Press Home for Siri
  • Home Bar: Auto Hide, Show In-app, Lockscreen, Inset, Custom size, Swipe Down to Reachability
  • Keyboard: Dark Appearance, No gesture while using, Using non-Latin language, Default/Higher keyboard
  • Lockscreen: Face ID & Padlock UI/Animation, No Unlock Text, Flashlight, Camera
  • Status Bar: Style: Original, iPad, iPad Extra, iPhone X, iPhone X Tiny; Options: No Breadcrumb, Swipe To Screenshot
  • Miscellaneous: 
  •  App Style: iPad Multitasking, iPad Landscape
  •  Camera UI: Bottom Inset, New UI Beta, Zoom & Flip Control
  •  Round Screen Corners
  •  Landscape Orientation Lock
  •  No Icon Fly
  •  No Icon Label
  •  No Launch App Animation
  •  No Page Dots
  • Per-App Settings


  • You can save your config.
  • CC Status Bar Padding
  • Press Home for Siri
  • Hide/Show Dock in app switcher (iPad Floating Dock)
  • Number recent app
  • Support more language: Translate to your language (download)


Miniature gesture:

  • Home Bar, CC Hint Bar doesn't show on the lock screen.
  • Original Button is default and can't change.

Recommend settings:

  • Gesture: Miniature.
  • CC Status Bar Padding: Set to 50 if you using default status bar with cc status bar enabled.

Known issues:

  • Notification top padding (modern gesture)

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April 17th, 2021

iOS Compatibility

14.0 - 15.9

What's New

  • Update tweak loader