PhoneCaller3 is now available, click here!!!!

Compatible with iOS 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13

** Introducing PhoneCaller2, Now supports four search engines that work simultaneously ( Nearly 8 billion numbers records in total ) **

** All search engines work at the same time, if no results found in one, it will try another ! **

** More search engines are coming soon ! **

PhoneCaller brings the functionality of displaying full Caller ID before answering, or even while dialing, using popular caller identifier search engines, includes TrueCaller, ShowCaller, NumBuster and an arab search engine ! 
PhoneCaller works for ALL Countries searching amongst nearly 8 billion numbers and very high chance of finding caller info.

This is one-time pay tweak, does NOT require subscriptions with it or any of it's linked search engines.
— Display of name and photo (if available) of the caller.
— Ability to toggle the display for either Incoming, Outgoing calls, Or even both.
— Ability to search number before dialing from the keypad page inside Phone application and save it to your contacts book.
— Ability to identify and save caller ID right from Phone application logs by swiping on number 
— Different search engines in one place, and ability to set search priority for each.
— Ability to set a duration of how long the caller info shall be displayed for.
— Control over display for unknown numbers or simply all calls.
— Compact Mode : Display Caller ID’s name as a simple plain text only.
— Customization Options : Choose from different styles with the ability to set the caller ID bar background translucency.
— دعم اللغه العربيه
PhoneCaller works flawlessly and optimized to give a perfect view for all iPhones.

Version History Version History
  • 🐛Fixed issue with people unable to configure search engines.
Version 2.1.6
Updated March 5, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 7.0 - 13.3.1