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✅ Custom folder sizes + 3 preset sizes
✅ Custom layouts in folders
✅ Custom background images and gradient backgrounds in folders
✅ Custom layout of dock (compatible with floating docks)
✅ Custom homescreen layouts
✅ Custom insets for homescreen and folders in every orientation.
✅ Custom icon scale for dock, folders and home screen.
✅ Customized mini-grids (relative to open folder layouts, working on mini-grid column and row options like all other layouts have).
✅ Custom rapid-open/close animations
✅ Custom title settings including height, size, bold, background color and custom borders.
✅ Compatible with iPads, iPhones and all devices on iOS 13-13.7.x
✅ Thoroughly tested- 100+ beta builds before full release to make sure the tweak is high quality and working.
✅ Compatible with all Snowboard extensions
✅ Compatible with PrimalFolders2 and Springtomize
✅ Layouts saved with IconState even after rebooting or entering safe mode.
✅ Custom images for spotlight/sidebar/search, plus open folder background images, open folder backdrop images, and customized icon images. Pick from camera roll.
FolderControllerXIII- one tweak to layout them all. Take control of your icons and put them almost anywhere. Custom color your folder icons, open folders, add custom background images to open folders and/or a 3 color gradient background with 7 different gradient styles to pick from. Speed up the animation for opening and closing folders, add a custom delay before icons enter the open folders for a neat animation showing the colored background (or background image) before the icons enter the open folder. Speed up home screen re-arrangement by shortening the delay it takes to enter the editing mode, and allowing folders to be included in the multi-icon select (why this isn't a stock iOS function blows my mind). Try the iOS 9 style of open folders that fades away the dock and home screen. Add a custom color the background blur. All colors have working alpha sliders to set custom levels of transparency. This tweak has so many options, many people are happy using even just a small fraction of them.
Tweak is arranged into 8 pages for easy navigation.
Main page: has links to each of the additional pages, plus the option to add a background image of any alpha to the open folders. Also has the setting to include folders in the multi-icon select while re-arranging home screen.
Open Folders: Has option to make a completely custom frame size in relation to the original. Just add to the width and the height, and the title automatically adjusts to your size changes. Option to choose one of 3 preset folder sizes- full page, full-width, and normal. Link to an entire page of Title customizations. Opacity slider for open folders. Enable solid colors, gradient colors, choose one of 7 preset gradient styles, or randomize gradient style, colorpickers for folder color, plus 3 more for gradient color choices and border color selection. Slider to pick border thickness. Option to hide title when folder opens, show status bar in open folders, remove the blur when opening folders, dark background behind open folders, iOS 9 folder look. Custom background blur color and alpha slider to adjust how heavy the new color is added to the blur.
Title Options: Custom title offsets for both portrait and landscape orientations, switch to enable custom font size and alignment- left, center or right, switch to enable bold and custom fonts, a segment cell picker to choose font, slider to adjust the font size, slider for corner radius of titles, useful if using a background color. Switch to enable background color. Color pickers for background color, shadow color and border color. Custom title color, and a slider for the thickness of the title border, if desired.
Closing Folders: Tap anywhere to close, pinch to close, auto-close when app opens, keep empty folders (useful to use as placeholders in custom layouts, or just to see the beautiful background image with or without a gradient color overtop acting as a custom filter). Hide icon badges on the home screen for folders, but not inside the open folders, helps for a cleaner home screen. Switch to enable clear icons, removing the normal blur to allow you to custom color it, or have a clear folder with or without a border. Switch to enable folder icon coloring+borders. Support theme images- hides theme folder images when off, leave on if you want to display the theme image for folders or use PrimalFolders2. Option to hide the mini-grid. Choose a folder icon color of any opacity, so you can see the color and your wallpaper behind it if desired for a more authentic iOS look. Color picker for border color and custom thickness slider. Apply changes button, this is one of the few respring buttons needed, as most other changes are all instant except some to folder icons.
Custom Layouts: Enable custom folder layouts, anywhere from 2x2 up to 12x12. Use custom insets to move the icons up, down, left or right. Inset sliders are provided separate for landscape and portrait so you have the desired placement in any orientation. Custom dock layout- choose the maximum number of icons allowed in the dock. Compatible with FloatingDock tweaks as well as iPad. Resize mini-grid- 2 sliders to resize the height and width of the mini-grid so almost any custom layout of the mini-grid can be achieved. To fit the entire mini grid in the frame move both at the same level, for custom layouts, experiment with the 2 at different values. They update instantly so you can go back and forth until you find what works for you. Custom home screen layouts, choose the number of rows and columns for your homescreen, and add custom insets for both portrait and landscape orientations, so again your layouts are fully custom in any orientation
Icon Scaling- Choose from same size everywhere, to custom sizes in each location and orientation. Works great with tweaks like AutoRotate and FloatingDock(or FDPlus) that normally change the icon scale in landscape on iOS 13. The features on this page are new and still considered beta, as some may have little UI quirks like badges in folders occasionally appearing behind an icon’s edge (before rotating) instead of on top of it. It doesn’t have any issues related to stability though, and is off by default.
Corner Radius and Animations: Choose corner radius for open and closed folders. Option to change corner radius of regular icons separate from folders. Option to skip open/close animation, option for a custom delay before icons enter the open folder. Custom drag delay, so you can enter the edit mode faster, and when combined with the multi-icon select including folders, you can re-arrange you homescreen with lightning speed.
About Page: This page gives credit where due, has a link to r/Jailbreak on Reddit, and technical support email- this option emails me your tweak list and FolderControllerXIII settings, so if you are having difficulty I can help you the quickest. This is the preferred method to contact me if you have questions or are having trouble with something, but you can also DM on Twitter @BrianVS or email through your package manager (like Cydia or Zebra).
Unlike some developers, my door is always open. I process refund requests fairly, I just ask if you have an issue of something not working, you at least email an explanation along with your tweak list (which is sent automatically when using Tech Support on the About page) before asking for a refund. There’s likely a conflict / reason it's not working for you, and in most cases the issue can be resolved just by configuring the tweak(s) correctly. This has been tested with every Snowboard extension as well as with PrimalFolders2, and everything works beautifully together. If you think something doesn't work, you likely have a conflict, which I will be happy to help you find. If there's something you wish it could do that it doesn't already, I'll do my best to implement it, if possible.
In fact many of the options were feature requests from users. This tweak underwent extensive beta testing to ensure when released in Packix, it was not only fully functioning, but the best possible option for folder customization and for making fully custom layouts all in one tweak.
Please do not install pirated versions of this tweak, as I can assure you they will not work properly. There isn't any malware in the tweak, but it's made in a way so it won't work when hosted in a pirate repo. Also, pirate repos often have malware, mine user data, and are not in the business of re-hosting tweaks out of generosity. They are profiting off of you in nefarious ways. Also they almost always have outdated versions.
Partial Conflicts: HomePlus, Cartella, Folded, Foldy, these all conflict with the custom layouts, and are not needed as this tweak offers the same layout and customization options, plus many more. I didn't explicitly mark them as conflicts, as some users have found options from FolderControllerXIII useful that still work when using HomePlus, and the custom layout for each section is optional, allowing for higher compatibility with other tweaks.
Now available and out of beta - FolderControllerXIII- one tweak to layout them all!
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Version History Version History
  • V1.0.6 Changed settings appearance settings to be more like stock iOS. Added custom folder icon images, custom open folder backdrop images (instead of blur), and spotlight/search/today view images. Changed compression of folder background images to reduce CPU useage.
Version 1.0.6
Updated January 21, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 13.0 - 13.7