Description:  An awesome, system wide tweak to add colored backgrounds, shadows, and to provide countless coloring customizations, as well as options to add animated custom text and emojis, countless battery display customizations, options to hide most or all CC elements, and other useful features for modern status bars.. Compatible with statusbarXS, LittleXS and similar tweaks giving iPhone X status bar. ModernBarz is made for iPhone X style status bars, but on iOS 13 it works great on all status barz, no extra tweaks needed. Tested and working on iOS 11-13.4.x, (including A12 and A13). NOTE: iOS 11+12 non-X devices need an X style status bar tweak for most features to work.
Configure options from settings.
Conflicts: Airport, Airport13 (safe mode crashes). LegiBilly12 overrides some color choices, and Stylish11 has a couple features that could alter the label colors.
ModernBarz is organized into 5 pages.
The main page has the options to alternate date and time, alternate custom text with either the date or time, option to replace wifi text with a scrolling custom text, option to fake your carrier speed, anything from 2G to 7GE, option to color or hide the annoying view the pops up when screen recording, and links to the other four pages- Cellular and Wifi options, Battery options, Background and shadows, and Hiding options.
Cellular and Wifi options: custom color status bar text color, WiFi color, option to Enable signal+wifi bars, which has separate colors for active and inactive bars, all color pickers have working alpa, so you can make them as transparent or solid as you like.
Battery options: Enable coloring of battery, battery fill color, outline and bolt color, and the pin color. Option to show percent inside the battery (iOS 12+13 only), custom color percent text, option to show the percent instead of the bolt while charging, replace the percent text outside of the battery with any custom text. Field to enter that custom text is here. This page also has low power mode options, including separate colors for everything above when in Low Power Mode. There's a switch to enable separate coloring, or only use one set of colors. *Some colors like the pin and body don't update immediately on SpringBoard, everything else updates immediately.It's a good idea to respring though after multiple changes are made.
Background and Shadows: Option to color all the individual items not already selected one custom color, "Rest of items' color". It applies to the alarm, location item, tethering, etc. Option to add background color in status bar system wide, with working alpha. Add shadows options include a custom shadow and blur color, and option to enable shadows and blur, and enable "Super shadows", a higher amount of blur and scope is in Super shadows. It also has a slider to adjust the amount of shadow and blur applied.
Hide Items: This page has switches to hide time, hide location item, hide breadcrumbs, hide No-SIM text, hide alarm item, hide rotation lock, hide entire status bar, and an option to make the status bar translucent.
Each page has a "Reset Prefs" button in the Navigation bar, to reset all settings to system defaults.
There's also a Twitter "share tweak" heart, that composes a tweet that you can edit mentioning you're using ModernBarz.
Note: If you have an issue, contact me through Cydia or @BrianVS on Twitter. Let me know if something isn’t working right, hopefully we can find the conflict together. I’ve used this with several other status bar tweaks without a problem.
Refunds: I have always been good with monitoring refund requests, however often people don't see there is a dialog if I have follow up questions needed to make an informed decision. Refund requests that just say "Doesn't werk" will definitely be hit with a follow up chat asking you to contact me so we can try to resolve your issue. Sometimes it could be a conflict, others maybe you just need the settings changed to get the effect you are looking for.
Feel free to use the support link any time you have questions, and definitely before asking for a refund for it "not working". Be descriptive of your issue, and include details about your device and iOS version. I don't refund for options not in the depiction, or for things you "hoped" it would do. Read the whole depiction before purchasing, so you are making an informed decision if you decide to buy it. I take a lot into consideration when it comes to refunds, and often refund requests are very vague.
If you request a refund and don't see it credit automatically. Just remember, CHECK YOUR CHATBOX. There's likely a message waiting for your response.
Check out my free tweaks in BigBoss - AutoRotate, Stylish+Stylish11, LegiBilly, Cornuicopia, FormulaOneOne, NoLockScreenCam- almost all are updated and working on iOS 13, for all devices.
I'm bad about pushing updates to default repos in a timely manner for older free tweaks. To ensure you have the latest versions, and to fiind loads of free new ones that have yet to be released, check out my repo
My other packages hosted in Packix:
FolderControllerXII (for iOS 11-12.4, NOT 13)
LegiBilly12- (free)
New version of FolderController for iOS 13 is almost done. FCXIII- One tweak to layout them all..... It will be half price to anyone who bought previous version. There's a working beta in my repo if you want to try it and are comfortable with a few quirks here and there.

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Version 1.0.9-7
Updated March 19, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11.0 - 13.4