NotifyWiFi X
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Compatible with iOS 10 to 13

NotifyWiFi X has four main features.

1. Notifies you when you connect to Wi-Fi.

Displays a notification banner when connected to any SSID.
You can check the connection history from "Network History" to 50.
The SSID set in the whitelist does not notify.
If you connect to the blacklist, Wi-Fi is automatically turned off.
There are ways to use it such as setting public wireless LAN which you do not want to connect securely or SSID which you cannot communicate.

2. Extension the configuration Wi-Fi menu.

You can add functions such as "Pull to Refresh" and "Known Networks".
Once connected to Wi-Fi SSID, the password can be checked and copied.
You can display additional details and disable the RSSI limit etc.

3. Skip the passcode, such as when you are connected to a specific Wi-Fi.

You can skip passcodes when connected to a whitelist, or you can skip passcodes when not on a blacklist.
You can also skip passcodes by connected Bluetooth devices.
This is useful when Face ID is not available etc.

4. Automatically turns off Cellular data if you are on Wi-Fi connected to the White List.

If you install Flipswitch in iOS 10 and CCSuport in iOS 11 or later, you can test feature On/Off and display notification banners.
It can also be executed from Activator.
(Please use beta version for iOS 12 or later:
Conflicts: Asteroid, Passby and GoodWiFi
If notification doesn't work: Try testing with iCleaner Pro with everything except NotifyWiFiX.dylib turned off. Please return to the original when it works.

This package is also compiled for A12 (arm64e).


  • English : @ichitaso
  • Japanese : @ichitaso
  • Russian: @akasaka _ spk
  • Arabic: @iA7myd
  • Malay: @fxxqshry
  • Italian: @roxmxdz
  • French: b__lionel
  • Simplified Chinese: FerPina and @hirakujira
  • Traditional Chinese: FerPina and @hirakujira
  • Vietnamese: @AuthorBishop
  • Deutsch: KuroAMK
  • Spanish: @PONCE54958
  • Turkish: FrknKilic
  • Portuguese: @jpfvnascimento
  • Thai: @kn3w

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We are looking for someone to help translate.
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Set it to your desired setting.

Version History Version History
  • Added: "Show banner with CC long press" for iOS 13
  • Update Vietnamese
Version 1.1.3
Updated December 12, 2019
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 10.0 - 13.3

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