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iOS 14 user? Check SmartBattery 2:

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Your phone is smart, but your battery isn't !
SmartBattery is the only thing standing in your way to have the complete smartphone!
SmartBattery is hands down the best tweak to save your battery life with very smart features which are :
1- Enable LPM : you get to choose on which percentage level LPM will get activated once your device reaches that level LPM is be enabled by default without your interaction!
2- SmartBattery can also notify you when your iPhone's battery level reaches a certain percentage you choose and when it's reached you get notified via notification or voice alert ! Yes voice alert the phone will speak to you when it battery percentage reaches your desired level ! You can easily know when your battery's full so you remove it from the charger in order to save your battery life or if you've been busy and forget about the battery life you can set it to notify when it reaches any percentage you'd think is safe.
4- Battery health! Whether by swiping right on the status bar or connecting/disconnecting your charger, you can detailed information about your battery health and status like battery cycle, temperature, health and capacity.
3- SmartBattery's best feature is Custom LPM ! in addition to the regular LPM you get to customize your own version of LPM ! Of course like other features you get to choose on which percentage level Custom LPM activates and when your phone reaches that level it automatically activates and sends you a notification or voice alert (depends on which you choose and obviously you can use both) here's the features you can enable when Custom LPM activates (of course alongside the regular LPM that apple provides) :
Disable Wifi
Disable Bluetooth
Disable Cellular Data
Lower brightness (there's a slider you can adjust the level)
Lower Volume (there's a slider you can adjust the level)
Enable Smart Color Invert ! This is my favorite , it automatically enables the smart color invert option which renders your whole OS dark in order to save battery 😁.
Disable location services.
Enable airplane mode
Custom LPM is smart ! it is also integrated in your control center LPM module ! that's right, once you enable LPM in control center it asks if you want Custom LPM to be enabled also, if you press yes, Custom LPM will be activated alongside the regular LPM !
4- SmartBattery - Percentage : this is one of my favorites, Long hold the status bar to get a nice looking blurred alert showing the percentage levels of all your bluetooth connected devices starting with the airpods, apple watch, homepod just anything connected! (check screenshots)
5- Enable Percentage feature enables the percentage level to be shown inside the battery icon on modern devices ! Yes your 1000$ "Smartphone" can't do that for no reason that's why I decided to add it ! (check screenshots)
6- Clever LPM - LPM gets activated when the phone is locked and desactivated when unlocked to enjoy a smooth experience.
7- Smart Charging : enables LPM when you start charging the iPhone and automatically disables it when unplugged (faster charging)
8- Smart WiFi : disables mobile data once connected to WiFi and automatically enables it when disconnected.
9- Custom time interval (finally) within the percentage interval LPM gets enabled and stays enabled when the battery percentage is outside that interval it disables LPM automatically.
10- Smart Data : disables wifi once you enable mobile Data (works alongside smart WiFi) -
11- Clever Custom LPM : automatically enables your custom LPM options once locked and disables them once unlocked (must enable clever LPM also they work together)
12- Force LPM (charging) if you are charging and LPM is enabled, when the phone reaches 80% apple automatically disables LPM, this option keeps it enabled.
13- No Alert (Banner) when the phone reaches 20% an annoying alert gets presented on the screen, instead of that alert you’ll receive a notification to warn you.
14- Alert on full sends you a notification when the battery is fully charged!
15- Speak on full makes the device speak a specified phrase when the device is fully charged!

Charging has a new section with exciting features which are:

Smart charging enables LPM when the phone is plugged in to charge faster.
Fast charging turns on airplane mode and LPM and turns off WiFi and all other connectivities in order to charge faster and enables them back when the charger is unplugged.
Enable threshold is an extension add on to fast charging, set the time in seconds you want when that time is reached airplane mode gets disable for a set of time in seconds you specify in order to fetch important notifications and gets enabled back again.
Disconnect sound: plays a phrase you decide and type the phone plays the power disconnects.
Connect sound : plays a phrase you decide and type the phone plays the power connects.
The battery icon can be easily modified and tuned, has a section for itself with the following features:
Enable percentage adds the battery percentage inside the battery icon view on new iPhones (fully supports RTL and arabic numerals)
Digits only is an option to remove the battery box and keep digits.
Adjust the height and width of the digit numbers.
Adjust the fill color of the battery view using a color picker.
Adjust the color of the text percentage using a color picker.
Adjust the color of the battery box using a color picker.
Boost battery boosts the battery life by making the OS thinks that the phone is not under load at all so no need to the power hungry cpu cores get activated
Added an option to enable LPM when tapping the battery icon in status bar if it's disabled and disable it if it's already enabled.
Added an option to long press the battery icon in status bar to show the percentage level of the phone and all connected bluetooth devices.
Added an option to remove percentage inside the battery icon in status bar so it can be colored as you like.
Transitioned from libcolorpicker to the new Alderis color picker.
Since v2.8 SmartBattery supports iPads and iPods! Add the LPM toggle in control center and enjoy 😁


Refunds requested due to issues such as safe modes or features not working must provide clear details of the issue with a crashlog send to my email Refund requests may be closed if no response is made within 7 days. If If the issue cannot be resolved within 7 days issue verification a refund will be provided.

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Version 3.5
Updated October 19, 2020
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iOS Version(s) 11 - 13.7