Having a smartphone is useless without smart features and functions!

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SmartNetwork 2 is here! Built upon the success of SmartNetwork, this is a more redefined version bringing a lot of exciting new features and built fully to support iOS 14 and new devices.
SmartNetwork is 2 split into two parts ! Once downloaded you get an app + tweak, an app called WiFiList that fetches all known connected networks and fetches the password for them, on a click of a button on the field you can easily share the password, have you ever went to work or someone’s place and they enter the wifi password manually instead of giving it to you ? Well WiFiList fetches this password, in fact it fetches the passwords of all connected networks, once clicked on the cell you can share the password via social apps, copy or even print it.
Second part is the tweak, this is where it gets interesting here’s the features :
-Choose to get notified from a list of selected apps with a notification when an app is launched on Mobile Data (very important if by mistake you switched the mobile data and you launched data intensive apps like netflix or youtube to prevent data consumption)
-Choose to get notified from a list of selected apps when WiFi gets disconnected and you start to consume from your Mobile Data (very important if you are streaming series or videos and WiFi gets disconnected you’ll get notified immediately to prevent data consumption)
-Stop selected apps from launching when on mobile data (prevent data consumption)
-Stop selected apps from using WiFi.
-Stop selected apps from using internet.
-Enable WiFi booster : boost WiFi signals by removing limitations imposed by iOS.
-Disable Background data : disable the use of mobile data when apps are in background.
-Turn off mobile data once the device is locked and turn it back on when unlocked.
-Turn off WiFi once the device is locked and turn it back on when unlocked.
-Disable Mobile Data in low power mode.
-Smart Switch (one of my favorites) : Disable WiFi and switch to mobile data when WiFi coverage is low (1bar) and connect back to WiFi when coverage is 2 bars and more.
-Auto Switch (turn off mobile data when WiFi is connected and enable it back when it disconnects)
-Safe WiFi : allows you to unlock the phone without password or face id / touch id if you are connected to a safe wifi you select ! Very important and convenient when connected on your home or office WiFi, password needs to inputted once then it gets stored encrypted, locally on device.
-WiFi Notify : get a notification when connected to a WiFi network and when disconnected.
-Favorite WiFi: Choose your favorite WiFi and set it up, you can trigger it by pressing volume up + down in a sequential order, once triggered, you automatically connect to that Favorite WiFi if it's in range.
BT Connect: get a list of nearby bluetooth devices by simply double tapping the status bar, you can easily connect to your favorite bluetooth device from there.
Safe Bluetooth: bypass lockscreen passcode when your favorite bluetooth device is connected! You get to choose and specify up to 3 favorites bluetooth devices.


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Version History Version History
  • Fix crashing issues for iOS 13 users
Version 1.5
Updated August 11, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 12 - 14.3