Take control over your charge sounds with Malipo!
This tweak is on GitHub!
Malipo works on all iOS devices from iOS 10 - iOS 11.4 beta 3!
Tested on iPhone SE on iOS 10.1.1, iPhone SE on iOS 11.3.1, and iPad Air 2 on iOS 11.1.2.
If you have bugs follow me on Twitter! and I'll do my best to help!
and oh feel free to Donate!
Theme artists and developers can make packages for sound files they all go into the path mentioned below; When making sound packs make sure the file is in the .caf format!
ALL REGULAR USERS CAN PUT SOUNDS into /Library/Application Support/Malipo/CustomSounds/

  • Airpower sound adjustment (the best i could) this was ripped from iOS 11's file system.
Previous Changes
iKilledAppl3[email protected]
UpdatedJuly 20, 2018
LicenseFree Package
Supported iOS Version(s)10.0 - 11.4
4.3out of 5
  • iPad Pro not working.1.0.2-1
    Aug 5, 2018

    Doesn’t work at all on iPad. Also when disabled the stock charge sound doesn’t even work.

  • Awesome1.0.2-1
    Jul 24, 2018

    Appreciate the bible verse, no matter what people say, don’t remove it!! Also AirPower sound could be louder.

  • I love this tweak thank you 1.0.2-1
    Jul 22, 2018

    But why should we be force to read your bible quote, your a religious person that awesome. I could careless about your religion. Fuck religion it’s divides us more than anything, but hey peace on earth ✌🏼

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