It's finally here the moment you've been waiting for!

You remember ColorMyCCModules?

How about CCWallCustomizer/CCWallCustomizer 2?
Well... introducing.... Something Bold. Fresh. New!
Meet Sareth it supports iOS 12+ and arm64/arm64e devices!

Yes! Sareth! Take control over your Control Center! You can change the color of the modules and set a custom image with ease!
No more, clunky out dated tweaks that never do as what they aim to! With Sareth (short for Sarah-Beth) you can add images to your control center.

ANYWAYS enjoy! DONATE! and Have fun! Follow me on Twitter!

Note to developers! You can now modify the image used for Sareth by hooking and modifying these methods :P
%hook CCUIModularControlCenterOverlayViewController 
  %new  -(UIImage *)customCCImage {
  //Return your custom image here!
  %new -(void)setUpiKACCImageView {
  //Modify the current image view or self.image = customCCImage;

Version History Version History
  • Fixes an issue where the image wouldn't show up for non-Prysm users
Version 1.10-1
Updated February 14, 2020
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 12.0 - 13.3

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