A cool pack (3 in 1) of widgets for your device.
You are able to choose between three widgets on the Xen HTML settings.
Set them up on Lockscreen and Homescreen.
If you want the widgets to work correctly, you have to install the last version of Xen HTML. You need to add this repo:


  • You are able to choose between three widgets on the XenHTLM settings.
  • Set the colors you want in the widgets settings.
  • Multi Language Support.
  • Custom Scale Support.
  • Custom Name (Roar One Widget).
  • 12/24H Clock.
  • Temperature degree.
  • Month Information.
  • Day Information.
  • Date Information.
  • Battery Information.
  • Display / hide the background (Roar Two Widget).

I invite you to check my other widgets: iReloj, Fuego Rojo, iBattery, Millennials, Sakeo, Sharingan, Big Brother, Astro, Dragon Pack 3in1 and Europa.

  • Credits.

Thanks to @blaens for the idea (Roar Two Widget).
Thanks to @Maria2Ps for her wallpapers.
My twitter account: @luis9_49

Version History Version History
  • Fixes and improvements.
  • This is a new version of Roar Pack 3in1 widget. After updating it, go to Xen HTML and select Roar Pack 3in1 widget again.
Version 1.3.1
Updated August 14, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 10 - 13.5

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