Block annoying Callers & RoboCallers!

With CallBlocker you can :

  • (New) Silence Unknown Callers -> Block all calls where the number is not stored in your address book!
  • (New) Whitelist specific numbers or all contacts in your address book!
  • (New) Toggle Call Blocking on the fly with a CC Toggle! (Requires CC Support Installed)
  • (New) Now you can add any amount of numbers you want by using the Add Number... button in tweak settings! To delete a number from the blocked list, just swipe left on the cell!
  • Block Unknown Callers & Unknown Numbers
  • Block specific numbers
  • Block numbers that begin with a specific number. For E.g -> If you receive calls from a specific area/country code & you want to block all calls from that location, just enter the starting few numbers i.e. 91 will block all calls from India, 33 will block all calls from France. Use this option with Caution!
  • You can decline calls Silently i.e. you won't receive a missed call notification. You will still see a declined called in your call Log!

Usage Instructions : You need to enter the number with the country code, but without the + symbol at the beginning. For E.g,
+18004901234 -> 18004901234

Version History Version History
  • Fixed Silence Unknown Callers option not working
Version 2.0.3
Updated March 16, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11 or later

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