(Not Compatible with iOS 13). Use FloatingDockPlus13 for iOS 13

Please install latest update of libcolorpicker 1.6.3-1 (BigBoss Repo) & libsparkapplist 1.0.3 ( on A12 devices

Now Supports vertical Split-View like Android! (BETA)

FloatingDockPlus was built on top of FloatingDock & gives you the following options in addition to the already great features FloatingDock provides :

  • Multi-Tasking -> Unlocks the Split-View/SlideOver features for multi-tasking. You can also blacklist apps which you do not want to rotate or multi-task with.These should work with newer devices(iPX & above), Old Devices with home button, Old Devices using tweaks like HomeGestures, Fluidity etc.
  • Dock Gestures -> Since the dock is always on the screen & within reach easily, why not add some useful gestures! Here are the supported gestures for now :
    • Left -> Right Swipe
    • Right -> Left Swipe
    • Swipe up
    • Swipe down
    • DoubleTap

         Actions Supported :

  • Open Notification Center
  • Open Control Center
  • Invoke App Switcher
  • Invoke Reachability
  • Lock Device
  • Goto HomeScreen

And yes, you can have all the above gestures & actions enabled at the same time! With Multi-Tasking turned on, you will be able to perform these gestures In-Apps too!

Refund Policy : Refund issued when the tweak doesn't work on your device or there is a crash/bug you are experiencing & you don't want to wait for the official fix.
Note : Once the tweak is refunded, you cannot buy the tweak again!

How to use Split View :
Devices with Home button : If you are on the home screen/lock screen, swiping-up will bring the Control Center as it does now. When you are in apps & if multi-tasking is enabled, the dock will show-up when you swipe up.Use the gestures above to perform additional actions like opening Control Center/Notification Center.
Devices with Gestures : There will be no change in the functionality for these devices as Control Center gesture is on the top-right. You will be able to give your hands a rest with these gestures now!

Version History Version History
  • Fixed App Crash on XSMax & XR for apps which are not optimized for these devices (Wyze, BOFA etc)
  • Added option to blacklist certain apps from not showing up in the recents section
  • Minor Bug Fixes
Updated July 18, 2019
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11 - 12.4.1