CCModules Pro is a tweak that adds useful features to the control center, with more on the way soon.

Currently included with v1.1.4:
• Cellular Data expandable view | What Apple should have done
• WiFi expandable view | iOS 13 design
• Bluetooth expandable view | iOS 13 design
• Hotspot button gesture | Open hotspot settings
• Power Actions module | Native design 
• Contact modules | Four contact modules are included
• Music module gesture | Double tap to open the now playing app
• Volume module gesture | Double tap to mute volume, and again to restore original volume

Note: CCModules Pro does not replace the original CCModules, they are meant to work side-by-side.

Version History Version History
  • Added Reboot Userspace to Power Actions Module
  • Added option for to show 2G/3G/4G labels for Cellular Data view
  • Improved stock module tap gesture code
Version 1.1.4
Updated August 24, 2020
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 11.0 or later