Meet XenIFTTT, the smart way to use XenHTML to control IFTTT devices from the lockscreen.

IFTTT can control many smart devices that you may already own such as Philips Hue, LIFX, Kasa, YeeLight, WIFIPLUG, Wink, Coffee Machines, iRobot and many more.
In order to use XenIFTTT, please install XenHTML from
To obtain an IFTTT webhook URL required for use of this widget, please visit the IFTTT Webhook Documentation.
Icons are from the Font Awesome 4.7.0 library. To browse available icons, please view Font Awesome's Documentation.
Customizable Options:

  • Button Background Color
  • Button Icon Color
  • Webhook "Off" URL
  • Webhook "On" URL
  • Button Opacity
  • Icon

In order to view all the tweaks, widgets and themes I have available, visit the "Tweaks & Widgets for iOS" section of my website.

Version History Version History
  • Initial Release
Version 1.0.0
Updated August 13, 2019
Restriction(s) Free
iOS Version(s) 10 or later

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