InstaLauncher 2 is a system wide application launcher. It allows you to swipe from the device edges to show a launcher of your choice.
Version 1.0-1.7 has been tested on: iPhone X (12.4) - iPad Air 2 (12.4.5) - iPhone SE (13.2.2) - iPad Mini 2 (12.4.4) - iPad 6 (13.4.1) - iPhone 6 (12.4.4) - iPhone SE (13.4.1) - iPhone 7 (13.4.1) - iPhone 6 Plus (14.4.1)

  • Open your apps in milliseconds
  • 3 launcher styles included, Classic, Dock, Drawer
  • Add favorite apps for even faster launching
  • Smooth gestures to activate launchers
  • Themes, all aspect of launchers can be adjusted to fit your theme setup
  • Dark mode settings
  • Right/Left handed mode
  • Use launchers in fullscreen mode or small (1.2)
  • Show up to 5 recently launched applications (1.3)
  • Haptic touch (1.5 on newer iPhones only)

Using InstaLauncher 2:

  • Swipe from the indicator on the side of your screen to open the launcher, continue to swipe to the application you want to release.
  • (iPhone only) Flick from the indicator to keep the launcher open, then you can tap / swipe on the app you want.
  • (Drawer launcher only) After flicking open the launcher, you can scroll down to see all apps in alphabetical order.

Updating from InstaLauncher 1:
If you previously have bought InstaLauncher 1, you will get a 25% discount. If you bought it in March or April of 2020, you can get InstaLauncher 2 for free by sending your transaction email and Packix ID to

Version History Version History
  • Fix crash when an app had no name (e.g. when changed through AppTool)
Version 1.7.2
Updated May 8, 2021
Restriction(s) Paid
iOS Version(s) 12.1 or later